What’s All This About CoasterDad!

One Thing Just Lead To Another, I Suppose…

Like most things in life, this project, this website, and who knows what else, all came about because I got excited by an idea. We were just back from one of many amusement park trips. I think it was Magic Mountain. Anyway, Lyle asked a simple question. “Why don’t we build our own roller coaster, Dad?”

I couldn’t think of a single good reason to say no. So, Lyle and I headed off to the lumber yard for a few supplies. That was in early 2013.

Today, our backyard roller coaster is an unending source of excitement, challenge, education, and connection. I love it because it brings together all the three things I love best. Physics, Family, and Fun. The whole family has been involved in the project. The neighbors check in and see how we’re doing.
Who knew all that could spring from one kid asking one question, and one dad saying, Yes.

CoasterDad.com is here to share information and ideas about backyard roller coasters. But even more, it’s here to support Science Education For Kids.

‚ÄčThe kooky idea of The CoasterDad Project came about when people started asking if we did this kind of thing for a living. In other words, could we go and build backyard roller coasters for other families. Once again, I couldn’t think of a single good reason to say no.

Today, we’re in the early planning stages of a trip we’ll take to somewhere in America for the purpose of building a backyard roller coaster for a family we haven’t met yet. The Mission: To share our love of Physics, Family, and Fun. Like I said, one thing just kind of lead to another.

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