Abraham’s Backyard Roller Coaster – Part 1

The word is getting around about CoasterDad! In fact, Jeff has asked us to build a backyard roller coaster for his son Abraham! What an incredible opportunity for us, and for our growing group of supporters, and especially for Abraham, his family, and his neighbors!

The backyard at Abrahams house is just perfect for a “Terrain Coaster!” That means, we’ll put the coaster station in a tree house, and after the launch, the track will stay pretty close to the ground. This is made possible because the backyard has quite a few elevation changes. So, the whole thing will be super strong, which means it can be super fast, and super fun!

The first day we met with Abraham and his parents, we did quite a lot of math! That’s right! Math! We worked with Abraham to figure out all the parts and pieces he would need to build his backyard roller coaster. How many screws, how much lumber, how much pipe to make the rails, and so on. The thing about math is this. If there’s something awesome happening after the math problems, they’re not such big problems after all. Abraham knows that figuring out these numbers will get him that much closer to the best backyard ever!

Lyle and Abraham walked the backyard and talked about where the track should go, and what would be different and new about Abraham’s backyard roller coaster. We’ll be using stiffer, stronger pipe for the rails, and we’ll be making the cart out of metal instead of wood, and it will be more aerodynamic. This will make the cart lighter, which means it will be able to go faster and more smoothly. That is super exciting!

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project. And, if you’d like to support science education for kids, please check out and donate to The CoasterDad Project on indiegogo. Click here to learn more about that: http://igg.me/at/coasterdad/x/6558240

Thanks for visiting CoasterDad.com. We build backyard roller coasters to support and promote Physcis, Family, and Fun!

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