Tree House Roller Coaster Is Taking Shape

Boy, oh boy! The tree house roller coaster station is going up, up, up over at Abraham’s house while I’m back at the shop welding the steel cart. A couple of really cool things are going on this week with our tree house roller coaster project, and every one of them is a first!

Jeff, Hunter, Victor, Rob and I spent several days this week doing the hard part. Digging, sawing, carrying, mixing, hammering and generally working our fingers to the bone to keep Abraham’s tree house roller coaster project on track. It’s been super hard work, and super good fun. Rob is a great carpenter and craftsman, and we’re lucky to have his help with all this.

Meanwhile, back at the shop, I’m design-building our first ever steel roller coaster cart. Working with steel is exciting and fun. The main difference between woodworking and steel work is that you can unscrew two pieces of wood. Unwelding, however, isn’t really a thing. So, measure thrice, weld once! And yes, I learned that the hard way.

In other news, we got noticed and liked and tweeted about this week by the nice folks at Edutopia! It’s an amazing honor to be recognized by one of the most forward-thinking educational organizations on Earth. I’d like to personally invite their founder, George Lucas, to come ride Abraham’s Tree House Roller Coaster when it’s finished.

The CoasterDad Project is getting all kinds of props from all kinds of people, and I can’t thank them enough. Please be sure to Tweet, Like & Share this post and the CoasterDad Project Videos.

See you soon!

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