Mentos And Coke With EepyBird

I caught up with Fritz and Steve from the other day at Maker Faire 2014, and boy did they have some fun! I got to spend a little time with Steve, who taught me just why Mentos and Diet Coke make such an amazing combination, and we managed to get a pretty good video of the whole thing.

The main thing that makes the whole thing work so well is called nucleation. That’s the process of forming an actual nucleus. Ions, atoms, or molecules arrange in a pattern similar to that of a crystalline solid. Then, the carbon dioxide from the soda collects around that area. Stick your finger in a glass of soda, and the bubbles that attach to your finger are doing it because of nucleation.

Mentos have a lot of surface area, which means lots of bubbles can form on the surface. That’s why they make so much foam. They are also heavy, so Mentos¬†sink to the bottom of the bottle, allowing them to mix with as much carbon dioxide-rich soda as possible.



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