My Best Backyard Roller Coaster Yet

Say hello to The CrossBow! That’s what we named this new cart. The reason is that the front suspension has a curved steel part right up front, and the steel pipe that runs nearly the length of the cart reminded me of a bow and arrow.

The cart is entirely custom. Every bit of everything, except the wheels, bearings and some of the screws was built by hand by me. I’m incredibly proud of The CrossBow!

Meanwhile, over at Abraham’s house, the track is coming along nicely. The carpentry crew has a little cleaning up to do here and there, and some of the tolerances aren’t quite where they need to be. But, the whole thing was good enough for some pretty great testing, as you can see from the Video above. In another day or two, I’ll post a second video to dig into the details of the walkthrough and some of the design/build features of the CrossBow cart. You’re gonna love that one!

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