PVC Roller Coaster Cart Update

We’re just about finished enclosing the cart for our pvc roller coaster! Before this, the cart was little more than a set of wheels with a chair attached. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. However, we decided to enclose the cart for a few reasons.

Safety! When the cart is enclosed, it’s nearly impossible for an excited passenger to get off the ride before it’s done. It’s much easier to keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times when you don’t have much choice. It’s also got a full on seatbelt. Don’t ever get in a moving vehicle that doesn’t have seat belts!

Momentum! The heavier the cart, the faster the ride and the more energy the cart will carry into inclines, turns, and flats of the track. So, since our average passenger is pretty light, we thought our backyard roller coaster would benefit from a little heft.

Fun! We know the main part of our backyard roller coaster will be done aroune holiday time. So, we designed it to look a kind of like a sled. Enjoy the video and be sure to Like & Share! We need your help and your feedback to make CoasterDad the best it can be!

Oh! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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