Learning From Steel Cart Crash

Ohhhh Noooo! Everything was going along so well. The track was going up fast and beautiful, Jeff, Abraham, and I were in high spirits as we ran the new cart down the new track during our first test. Then, it happened! It was time for us to switch from being super pleased with ourselves into a slightly less comfortable, but ultimately more productive mode: Namely, Learning From Roller Coaster Cart Crash mode!

We ran the new cart down the track three times. The first and second times, things seemed to go well. The third time, as they say, was the charm. But only if you define the word “charm” as metal-on-metal-crash-with-cart-filp-and-disappointment. Yep. Charming, alright!

Cart Test Crash - Ouch!This was the first time Abraham and Jeff had seen me destroy a roller coaster cart. Truth be told, I’ve done it a hundred times. It’s important to have more than one roller coaster cart crash when you’re designing and building roller coaster carts. That’s how we learn. For me, the process goes like this. Think, Dream, Draw, Build, Think, Dream, Draw, Rebuild, Test, Break, Fix, Rebuild, Rethink, Dream, Redraw, Test, Destroy, Rebuild, and so on. There’s no shame in failure….

Especially if you’ve got POV Video of your most spectacular failures :)

From our pile of slightly twisted metal will come a new design, a rebuilt cart, and a far more stable wheel assembly. All told, it was a great couple of days!

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