Steel Wheel Assembly With Multi-Axis Steering

Here is the latest test of the new Steel Wheel Assembly, which I’ve taken to calling The Steel Wheels. I’m also using the term Multi-Axis Steering to describe how the design is coming together. For this design, both the front and back axles will steer on their respective longitudinal axes. This means that if you were to extend an imaginary line from the axle towards the inside of the turn, both sets of wheels will always run perpendicular to the center of whatever curve they’re traveling through. This reduces friction as well as load on the track and the cart, allowing the cart to make better use of its potential and kinetic energy.

The other part of the Multi-Axis Steering system is where the design allows each axle to rotate independently on the longitudinal axis of the cart. That means when the track starts to bank one way or another, the front wheels will bank independently from the back wheels. The same goes for the back wheels. This is a great improvement over the original cart, which only had longitudinal steering in front. Watching the new design negotiate banks and turns shows an amazing difference.

Now, I know that Multi-Axis Steering isn’t exactly groundbreaking technology.  What’s exciting about this particular application is the fact that every bit of this system, except the skateboard wheels and bearings, was built from scratch. So, there’s no shortage of satisfaction as this project continues.

Stay tuned! Next up, we’ll show you how we’re solving the problem of low-cost, high-efficiency lift segments in backyard roller coasters!

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