The CrossBow – Our Best Backyard Roller Coaster Yet

It was a fantastic, exciting, crazy day at Jeff and Abraham’s house. Lyle and I got up early, loaded the CrossBow Cart onto the back of the car, and drove over to Jeff’s house for one last test of the whole thing!

As you’ll see from the early part of the video, Our Best Backyard Roller Coaster Yet didn’t come off without a hitch or two. First of all, the track in turn one is a little too wide to accommodate the wheel assembly design on the CrossBow Cart. So, the wheels would pinch and slow the cart almost to a stop on entering the turn. Not the best result, especially in the first turn of the first test. I don’t mind saying, things got a little tense when we first saw that issue.

The rest of the ride was fantastic. Turns two and three are smooth, fast and strong. Jeff, Rob and the rest of the construction team did a great job.

At the end of the day, we decided to narrow the track by about half an inch in turn one. That way, the cart wont encounter too much friction. I’m also going to adjust the main wheels outward a bit so there’s no chance that the big long board wheels contact the 2×4 ties at any point. This will reduce bumps and noise and it’ll make the thing faster still.

All told, Lyle and I are thrilled with this coaster. Next week, if we’ve got time, we’re going back to my house to do some testing on The Caution Zone, which is the coaster we built in our yard. So, please stay tuned for that!

Thanks for watching!

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